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Bulk SMS Reseller Packages

For those of you, who wish to become SMS reseller provider, you need to get in touch with us - KAP Computer Solutions Pvt. Ltd. we have not only designed and deployed an incredible enterprise messaging platform, but also manage to create coalitions with several international SMSCs.

The SMS reseller gateway is able to work to efficiently, because we have utilized a prefix based routing system. This allows us to cover and serve close to 600 networks globally.

If you are a SMS reseller India, then you will be happy to know that by joining forces with us, you will be able to have access to a system that allows you to send messages, all over the world, while spending a truly nominal amount.

Using our reseller gateway, you will enjoy high speeds and even greater capacities, to send messages globally and in bulk amounts. We will also link you with multiple interface, such as HTTP, SMPP and DLL as well as the free desktop API.

Start your own SMS business, Purchase SMS's from us and you become reseller it is very easy at low cost but you should know about basic computer and internet knowledge.
Now you get high gain at cheap prices by doing business with us purchase bulk SMS's from us and then resell to your clients/customer thus make a huge profit.

Start your own bulk SMS's service in your company name we provide you all the complete information that you need to for bring up your business.
You can purchase SMS's from our company at a wholesale rate and you can sell SMS's at your own rate whatever rate you want from your customers this become huge profit for you.

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You need an internet connection for selling the SMS's. You get fastest profit in your business because everyone wants to advertise their business to a whole nation. Sending bulk SMS's is the easier and cheaper way.
Create your own website and own account with complete privacy knowledge at very low cost you can start this.

We'll provide 24 hours services for the customers. Best feature of our company is our limited price with high deduction in price. No setup cost, no monthly charges.This is very easy and simple to use for the customers.
There is no limit for clients that you can create under your name.You can do work full time or part time also and there is more advantage of this work is that you can do the work from home or wherever you want.

The SMS software that we provide to our clients has the following features:

  • Single SMS Delivery
  • Has a distributor system
  • Has HLr look-up
  • Allows two way messaging

This is the most ideal choice for those who are looking to purchase SMS reseller packages, because the messages are delivered with either dynamic sender I.D & fixed sender I.D.

Join the SMS reseller panel and you will benefit with the following features:

  • Single SMS delivery as well as group SMS
  • Address book
  • Log and delivery reports
  • Monthly summary reports.
  • Scheduling of SMSs
  • 50 to 100 messages per second, with 100 to 200 messages via the server
  • WAP Push / Long Text capability
  • SMPP/ HTTP/ UCP Connectivity

We provide complete service development and integration related aid to our customers, which ensures that they are able to function properly. In addition to that, each SMS gateway reseller will receive live and 24 * 7 support. We also ensure that bulk SMS resellers also receive complete customer care, as do the end users.

If you are looking to become a reseller bulk SMS, then you definitely should contact us immediately.