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Web Designing Company india KAP Computer Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Management Profile
The Influentials:

It had to happen. The Americans call it the California syndrome something you know will happen but do not know when. And then it happened. The world was coming to India in search of its talented people. Talented techies working abroad were returning home, looking, not for some balm or succor, but for greener pastures.

Ananth Prasath, Software Professional, also emplaned to India, to the world's IT capital, Bangalore. After eight years of global IT experience spanning multiple continents Europe, Australia and Middle East he was ready to give back to his country and reclaim his destiny, as the CEO of KAP Computer Solutions.

The beginning of a new millennium coincided with the baptism of Ananth Prasath as an IT professional. Exposed to the new age workplace at the very beginning of his learning curve, Ananth Prasath rose rapidly from the ranks and served the world's best companies like IBM India & Australia, Fujitsu and Mobily with distinction and also gained immensely from his mentors. The idea of KAP Computer Solutions, as yet un-conceived and unheralded, was incubated during this time, first as a dream, and then as a passion.

Ananth Prasath also led a life beyond the keyboard, as an inspirational writer in Tamil (Thought for the day, in his mother tongue. So inspiration for KAP was not hard to find.

Though a one-year-old startup, KAP Computer Solutions has hugely benefited from Ananth Prasath's global experience. On par with the world's big boys, Ananth Prasath is extremely choosy about picking his team as he, believe that great achievements are possible only when everyone is equally passionate about the company.

Drawing on his acumen, expertise and experience, Ananth Prasath has mentored a team of hard working and motivated individuals who are adept at helping develop new products from standard off-the-shelf technologies, building complex software applications from scratch, and advising clients on how best to design and deploy cutting edge technologies.

Given the CEO's varied experience in multiple verticals and domains, KAP Computer Solutions is poised towards an exciting and fulfilling future, riding on the satisfaction of its 75+ clients. The success of Indian technology globally has transformed the idea of India about itself, and KAP's CEO's vision is to be the best and compete with the best.

An IT evangelist, Ananth Prasath believes that if Web 1.0 ensured the death of distance, Web 2.0 technologies has pulled the globalization genie out of the bottle. Therefore, size does not matter, as technology has leveled the playing ground for the tiny Davids of the world competing with the big Goliaths in the IT industry. Unfettered by its size and scale, KAP Computer Solutions believes it can scale up to the top rung of IT companies, driven by the passion and inspiration of its Founder, and CEO.

Ananth Prasath is also a serious philanthropist and Founder of DRCET (Dr. Radhakrishnan Charitable Educational Trust contributing poor and needy students in Tamil Nadu that takes care of hundreds of children.

Small in size, but not in vision, KAP Computer Solutions, is working to see the day when the world's best and the brightest will come to it: The day when KAP Computer Solutions will well and truly be a Kingdom of Aspiring Professionals.